Take the Pain out of Presenting

one-day Presentation Skills Course - perfect for new or nervous speakers

This presentation skills course makes preparing and delivering presentations quick and easy

Many people struggle to quickly design and confidently deliver presentations that engage and influence their audiences. Often presenters follow the example of others who create slides and, more or less, read them to their audience.

“Boring – too complicated – death by bullet-point” are all too common criticisms expressed by audiences.

During this one-day course you’ll learn skills and tools that will help you come across as credible and confident, and get your message across every time you present.

Module 1: How to plan a presentation that gets your point across and engages your audience

It can be hard to design a presentation if you’ve never been shown an effective method. We’ve been teaching people at all levels of presenting experience how to plan a presentation for over a decade and over that time we’ve developed and fine-tuned our SpeakerMap™ system. 

You’ll learn:

  • The easy step-by-step process that even experienced presenters find a revelation
  • How to stop spinning your wheels and get your presentation planned in less time than you thought possible (one of our participants got up in the middle of the night and planned her presentation in 15 minutes!)
  • How to come across as an expert without overloading your audience with information
  • The secret to engaging your audience that anyone can master.

"In the past I stressed so much about presenting that I didn't do enough to prepare as it was all too hard! Now I have realised that it is easy to structure a presentation!"

Hailey O'Brien, Management Accountant, Palmerston North City Council

Module 2: How to use PowerPoint to WOW your audience

What we show you will catapult you above most business presenters you’ve seen. You’ll discover:

  • Why the traditional way of using PowerPoint is the worst possible way of conveying information
  • The one simple rule you need to follow to decide when to use a slide
  • An elegant format that will have you creating stimulating slides in minutes
  • Where to find affordable (and even free) images from the internet without breaking the law.

“Really useful and simple tips on how to prepare PowerPoints – who knew it could be so easy?”

Bridget Neylan, ORS (Operator Rating System) Manager, New Zealand Transport Agency

Module 3: How to transform yourself from a shaking wreck to a confident presenter

Presenting is scary. We get it.

Effective Speaking Director, Tony Burns went to University completed a psychology degree as a mature student to learn more about the psychology behind the fear of public speaking. He discovered Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT).

Tony went on to do a post-graduate diploma in Rational Emotive Behaviour Therapy (a subset of CBT). This module is based on the cognitive strategies he’s adapted to help people who suffer from the fear of public speaking. 

You’ll discover:

  • The two different causes of your fear – the one you can eliminate and the one you can’t
  • How to identify and neutralise your specific anxiety triggers to reduce your fear
  • The stress-performance curve and how to exploit it to perform at your best
  • How to recover from a mind-blank in milliseconds
  • The truth behind “Fake it till you make it” and how to use it to your advantage.

“Lifted my confidence enormously and was amazing to see the transformation of others in the class, the course really works!”

CEO, Facilities Management Company

Module 4: Three delivery tricks that will make you feel… and look more confident

These will make the most difference in the least time to the way you come across:

  • How to speak at your normal fast pace – and still be clear and understandable
  • The simple answer to “What should I do with my hands?”
  • How to be engaging and dynamic – without coming across as artificial
  • The number one way to demonstrate your credibility
  • How to instantly get rid of ums and ahs (we still can’t believe that more presentation trainers don’t teach this simple technique!).

“I had a job interview the other day and I used the short sentence technique we had learnt, helped me heaps.”

Karyn Jones, Business Banking Representative, Kiwibank.

Take the Pain out of Presenting - Quick Facts

One day. Typically 9am to 5pm.


This course is designed to be easy to enjoy. It's highly interactive with lot's of practice in pairs but no-one is put on the spot.


No - participants practice what they're learning in pairs or groups of three.

Given privately by the person the participant is practicing with.

No - there is no one-on-one coaching on this course.

Content Design, PowerPoint, Delivery Skills, Managing Nervousness.

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