Special features of Two-Day Course

Our two-day courses allow:

  • Experienced presenters to be stretched and challenged
  • Gradual confidence-building for inexperienced presenters.
  • Learning to be based on experiential exercises rather than trainer talk

On a two-day course we can include:

Advanced Design techniques

We introduce participants to more advanced design techniques. For example, depending on the needs of the participants, we can cover:

  • Structuring a presentation for a particular audience
  • How to make a presentation scalable to different time frames
  • How to encourage audience interaction
  • How to persuade people to take action.

These techniques will give participants extra tools for preparing for longer presentations and workshops and more important speeches such as conference presentations.


A common source of nervousness for many people is the concern that certain ‘disasters’ will happen during their presentation – for example, their mind going blank, being unable to answer a question, or a bored-looking audience. We teach, and have participants practice, practical and psychological strategies for coping with these presentation ‘disasters’. Knowing that they can cope with such situations significantly increases people’s confidence.


We use video feedback to allow participants to see for themselves how they come across. A presenter’s own imagination of how they look when presenting is often far worse than the reality and seeing themselves can give them a great confidence boost. We also use video feedback to show participants the impact of changes they have made to their delivery style.

In-depth Coaching

On a two-day course, we are able to extend the coaching to develop each participant’s natural style. We cover:

  • How to naturally pace a presentation and stop rushing
  • How to create a sense of enthusiasm and commitment
  • How to change the mood and create contrast
  • How to add emphasis to key points
  • How to use notes effectively and maintain credibility.

Example of a Two-day Course Outline

Advantages of Two-Day Course

We have compared the results we have achieved from one-day courses and two-day courses. We asked participants to rate themselves on a scale of 1 to 10 in the areas of Confidence, Preparation and Delivery both before and after the course. The chart below shows that participants on the two-day courses registered a much greater improvement in all three areas.


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