Speak like a Leader

Advanced Two-day Presentation Skills Course

Make the shift... from Competent to Compelling

When leaders speak, they do more than inform – ­they inspire.

Genuine emotional connection can be achieved by anyone who understands and employs the right combination of communication techniques.

Speak like a Leader is designed to help leaders, specialists and potential leaders to understand and use these techniques when speaking to groups in both formal and informal situations.

How does it work?

You come to the course with an audience and topic in mind. Then over two days, you design a presentation and deliver it to the other course participants.

Your delivery is videoed and, once you have a chance to review it and receive feedback from your fellow participants, you deliver sections of the presentation again – this time receiving coaching from the trainer on the areas you’ve identified that you want to improve.

Throughout the course you’ll try out your material and receive ideas, advice and coaching from your trainer and feedback from your colleagues.  

At the end of the course you’ll have:

  • countless new ideas for improving the effectiveness of your future presentations
  • a new appreciation of your purpose when speaking
  • increased confidence and enthusiasm for creating and delivering presentations
  • greater engagement and influence when speaking to groups.

Speak like a Leader - Quick Facts

Two days. These can be consecutive, or if it suits you better, separated by a week. 

6 to 12 participants. On day-2 we maximise the experience by limiting the course to 6 participants. If your group is larger, we can have everyone together for day-1 then split the group for day-2.

This a reasonably challenging course for experienced and confident, or ready to be confident, speakers.

Yes - your presentation and your coaching sessions are videoed for your later review.

Yes. One complete run-through and again during the coaching session.

Group, trainer and video feedback.

Yes - you get coached in front of the group so you can maximise techniques of relating to the group.

Content Design, PowerPoint, Delivery Skills, Managing Nervousness, Audience Management

“An excellent course! Definitely the best I have attended in 15 years in the public service.”

Dr David Lillis, Senior Analyst, Ministry of Primary Industries

"This is the most challenging course I think I have ever attended, but for that reason, was also one of the most practical and rewarding."

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