Presentation Skills Course Testimonials

The feedback from our clients :

Outstanding Presentation Training

It’s our goal to provide the best presentation course in New Zealand. We are specialist presentation trainers and are dedicated to help our clients achieve their business goals.

Nervous Participants

The fear of public speaking stops many people from sharing their message and gaining credibility. Our presentation training directly addresses performance anxiety and provides psychologically sound techniques to help overcome it.

Experienced Speakers

Because we are specialists, we can help even very experienced speakers. We have coached New Zealand Ministers of the Crown, City Councillors, CEO’s, Board Chairmen and Senior Managers.

Different Levels of Experience

We are able to cater for different levels of experience within a presentation course. This is because our approach provides new perspectives to all participants.

Supportive Learning Environment

Not many people like the idea of going on a presentation course. We acknowledge people’s nervousness and set up our training courses so that people are ‘stretched’ but still feel safe.

Enjoyable and Fun

We believe in enjoying ourselves and want to make the time we spend with our clients enjoyable. Our presentation training is fast moving, interactive and fun.

Confidence Improvements

Most people want to be more confident when they present, As a result they connect with their audiences and have greater impact. Our strategies for overcoming the fear of public speaking have helped many people see standing in front of a group in a new light!

Skilled Facilitation

We’ve dedicated a lot of time and money to making ourselves as good as we can be. We continually up skill our training, facilitation and presentation skills to provide the best presentation training we can in New Zealand.

Instant Replay Coaching

We learn by doing – not just by being told. Participants on our presentation skills training courses love the coaching they receive. It’s what really makes a difference to their skills and confidence.

Real Results

We want to do more than improve your presentation skills. We want our clients to give presentations that achieve their objectives in persuading, informing or entertaining their audiences.

Tailoring to Client Needs

One of our success criteria is to provide a presentation course that meets your needs. We use a variety of methods to ensure we understand the needs of our client organisation and of individual participants. And we use New Zealand methods and are proudly a New Zealand business.

Conference Speaker

Those who can do – as well as teach! It’s ironic that Tony once froze in front of a group and now specialises in helping others be more confident speakers as well as speaking regularly himself.

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