Presentation Skills Course Testimonials – Tailoring to Client Needs

“Presenter had exceptional knowledge and applied it to each individual in the areas where they required specific, constructive guidance. This will be the first step to overcoming one the greatest fears of my life.”
IS Business Support Manager

“Tony and Olivia have been great at incorporating our needs and requests for specific presentation training into the course outline and implementation.”
Sheryl Harding, Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry

“Well-tailored to the needs of the participants – through the pre-course questionnaires.”
Gail Leach, Executive Director, New Zealand Society of Physiotherapists

“Appreciated the flexibility to tailor to individual needs and requirements”
Janette Underwood, Traffic and Transportation Planner, Palmerston North City Council

“Tony’s teaching style is great, very thorough and receptive and realises our needs.”
Solicitor, Bell Gully

“I experienced you as totally focused on my needs and completely supportive at all times. You were able to give positive and negative feedback in a number of useful and supportive ways. You never made me feel inadequate at any time, even after my first disastrous run though. Of course, the proof of the pudding is in the eating. I have just received the audience evaluation of my final Wellington presentation. 84% of the responses were excellent or good for content with 95% for presentation being excellent or good.”
Maggie Jakob-Hoff, Director, Evaluation Associates

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