Presentation Skills Course Testimonials – Supportive Learning Environment

“Created good group feeling and made it safe for people to try new things and push their boundaries. Particularly liked breaks and stand-up exercises and practice, feedback and coaching sessions.”
Katherine Percy, Chief Executive – Workbase Education Trust

“Extremely useful points on presentations given in a very supportive helpful manner.”
Anne Matthews, Executive Member, New Zealand Society of Physiotherapists

“The course was run in a very supportive manner so that even though I was well out of my comfort zone at times I knew that I would get through it and learn from the experience.”
Virginia Watson, Policy Analyst, Palmerston North City Council

“I felt out of my comfort zone most of the time – but never “unsafe”.
Judith Dennis, Information Analyst, Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry

“It allowed a supportive speaking environment which let me try out different techniques that I would not have felt comfortable experimenting with in a business setting.”
Tim Walker, Solicitor, Bell Gully

“Took me out of my comfort zone but in a supportive and non-threatening way.”
Gail Leach, Executive Director, New Zealand Society of Physiotherapists

“Non-threatening learning environment.”
Julie Renouf, Executive Member, New Zealand Society of Physiotherapists

“A very open course. I was at ease and made to feel comfortable and felt happy to contribute. A practical course with good positive feedback.”
Jocelyn Broderick, Property Contracts Officer, Palmerston North City Council

“Good, open honest forum which encouraged participation.”
Richard Watkins, Policy Analyst, Environment, Palmerston North City Council

“Good to feel encouraged to be natural and enhance positive aspects of our presentation skills.”
John Brenkley, Senior Landsape Architect, Palmerston North City Council

“I never felt threatened even when moved outside my comfort zone. That was due to your help and encouragement. Thank you.”
Craig Brown, Internal Audit Manager (Army), New Zealand Defence Force

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