Presentation Skills Course Testimonials – Skilled Facilitation

“To experience both group learning and individual transformation is fantastic. Tony seems to be able to identify exactly what each person needs to improve and has the ability to extend them in a positive way.”
Anne Harvey, Life Coach and Communicator – Thoroughgood Ltd

“Tony was a fabulous facilitator who became very tuned to our group and knowing exactly when (and when not) to push boundaries.”
Carolyn Chitty, Policy Analyst, Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry

“Tony had heaps of energy, knew what he was talking about and gave very helpful suggestions.”
Solicitor, Bell Gully

“Skilful facilitation of group was wonderful.”
Kate Haswell, Executive Member, New Zealand Society of Physiotherapists

“Tony was a great presenter and he had some tips for us that were very memorable – he gave us a new perspective on presenting. Great course!”
Solicitor, Bell Gully

“Tony was very tuned in to where we were at and the help we needed.”
David Chadwick, Editor/Project Manager, Learning Media

“Tony Burns is an extremely motivated and competent professional who uses a good range of techniques to get his point across.”
Major D W Edmondson, Deputy Director Fleet Acquisition and Management, NZ Army

“Tony is clearly an expert. He could answer any question no matter how obscure or difficult.”
Solicitor, Bell Gully

“Two very pro-active presenters. Both knew their subject, projected it expertly and had ready and complete answers to all queries.”
Don McMillan, Information Systems Auditor, New Zealand Defence Force

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