Presentation Skills Course Testimonials – Instant Replay Coaching

“I was particularly impressed with the way Tony transformed one participant. Their initial presentation was incredibly staged, almost acting out their speech. I felt completely disengaged. I was being talked at not communicated with. Tony picked up on this and guided the participant thought some ideas for improvement. I then became engaged in the presentation and was amazed how Tony’s suggestions completely changed the tone, passion and ease with which the participant genuinely engaged the audience!”
Mary-Ann Robertson, Business Development Manager, The Training Network

“I saw my colleagues improve so much in their delivery techniques.”
Jane Gerard, Sales Manager, Schering-Plough Animal Health Ltd

“Great use of one-on-one coaching to ensure that everybody got something to take away that they can do to improve.”
Yolanda Morgan, Business Development Leader, Opus International

“Enjoyed the group feedback, plus the chance to repeat specific sections during the individual coaching sessions.”
Bert Gray, Training Manager, Opus International

“Although my presentation didn’t go particularly well, strangely enough I came out feeling more confident because Tony pointed out the strengths that I do have and also gave me ideas to use and ways that I could overcome any difficulties.”
David Chadwick, Editor/Project Manager, Learning Media

“The coaching was very effective in showing how subtle changes could lead to much improved performance in front of the audience.”
Virginia Watson, Policy Analyst, Palmerston North City Council

“The one on one coaching was excellent.”
Peter Worrall, Structures Manager Auckland, Opus International

“Very assured – we felt we were in good hands. Each person received sound, practical advice for real improvements which were applicable to all of us.”
Ailsa Cornell, Communications Officer, New Zealand Society of Physiotherapists

“The coaching helped me considerably and brought me a new level of confidence in public speaking. Thank you very much.”
Rod Forbes, Senior Policy Analyst, Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry

“Extremely valuable coaching and feedback.”
Jonathan Mackay, Finance and Administration Manager, Opus International

“I found the style of giving a practical presentation followed by subsequent teaching and coaching an extremely valuable way of learning to do better presentations.”
Grant Webby, Principal Hydraulic Engineer, Opus International

“I thought the course was fantastic and will be very useful. Tony worked on something different with everybody which meant we could see a lot of different ways to improve presentations.”
Solicitor, Bell Gully

“Coaching was great!! I found it very beneficial. Video was fantastic – gives you a completely different perspective.”
Frith Williams, Editor/Project Manager, Learning Media

“Tony was able to sensitively (and humorously) identify a presenter’s improvement areas, and coach them through. This is an effective and efficient way to get performance improvement, and improved confidence.”
Consultant, Synergy International Ltd

“I found the training effective in changing my comfort levels with
presenting to a group. Tony achieved this through one-on-one coaching with a live audience, so that recommendations could be acted on and the results were tangible and immediate – this made the whole experience enjoyable, a word I never thought I would use when describing speaking in public!”
Pat Beath, Consultant, Synergy International Ltd

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