Presentation Skills Course Testimonials – Confidence Improvements

“Earlier this year I was told that as part of my job I had to give a presentation to a large group of people. I had butterflies for literally months. I had a session with Tony Burns and he taught me techniques to use when I felt nervous. For the first time I could remember I was not nervous either before or during the presentation. The presentation was a wonderful success. I would certainly recommend Effective Speaking if you are a nervous speaker and dread giving presentations. Tony made me realise that I could control my nerves and actually enjoy the experience.”
Solicitor, Wellington

“I used to lack the confidence to speak to groups of people, and found the option of ‘taking flight’ more appealing. I realised this was affecting my work and hindering my career. I was concerned about the cost of Tony’s help. But what I have achieved with Tony’s help, and the confidence I now have, far exceeds any cost. I also felt that there was little chance of anyone ever helping me to be more confident when speaking to others. I was skeptical. Tony guaranteed that he could help and that’s exactly what he did. He brought about a change in me that I didn’t think possible.”
Paul Williams, Bank Manager

“This is a very practical and useful course with credible presenters. The opportunity to practice with video and the coaching session that follows is very good. The course would benefit staff at all levels and especially those lacking confidence.”
John Stuart, Group Manager, Foundation for Research Science and Technology

“The coaching helped me considerably and brought me a new level of confidence in public speaking. Thank you very much.”
Rod Forbes, Senior Policy Analyst, Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry

“I approached the course with a fair amount of trepidation. I don’t usually like being in the spotlight, at the head of a crowd. I really enjoyed the course, and was amazingly surprised by other people’s response to me. Real confidence booster.”
Chris Stone, Environmental Engineer, Opus International

“I came with some apprehension and left today with renewed confidence about being able to give a presentation with professionalism.”
Kristina Cooke, Team leader, ACC

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