Presentation Masterclass

one-day advanced Presentation Skills Course for experienced speakers

When you need a quick revitalisation of your skills

You’re familiar with the basic principles of giving a successful presentation, but you’d like some fine-tuning to be as good as you can be. You’d also like to practice real presentations in front of a live audience and get some intensive one-on-one coaching to give your presentations real impact.

Being a frequent and what I believed to be an accomplished speaker, I came to Tony for what I thought would be fine tuning. Tony methodically and inspirationally changed my whole way of thinking about communication and gave me new tools to inspire and connect with my audience. I would highly recommend Tony to anyone who wants to take their game to the next level.

-Andy Murray, CEO, Saatchi and Saatchi X

How it works

Deliver a previously prepared three to five minute presentation (or segment of a presentation) in front of an audience of your peers. You’ll receive our guidance and personal support with this preparation via our online course on how to use the SpeakerMap™ – Nail that Presentation. The investment for this programme is usually NZ$ 397.00 +GST – that is included in the price of the Presentation Masterclass.
During the Masterclass you’ll watch a video of your presentation so that you can see for yourself the areas of your delivery that work and those that you can improve. Then rework and repeat sections of your presentations under the guidance of your coach to reach your best performance. Typically attention is given to:
  • maximising the use of body language and your voice
  • techniques to minimise nerves and hide the nerves that remain
  • opening and closing your talk with impact
  • how small “inner world” changes can transform your outer physical world
  • ensuring your presentation meets the expectations of the audience
  • how to involve the audience in your presentation
  • maximising the impact of your visual aids.

"I found the training effective in changing my comfort levels with presenting to a group. Tony achieved this through one-on-one coaching with a live audience, so that recommendations could be acted on and the results were tangible and immediate - this made the whole experience enjoyable, a word I never thought I would use when describing speaking in public!"

Pat Beath, Consultant, Synergy International Ltd

The Benefits

This presentation workshop will ensure your presentations will be more interesting and lively, structured and understandable and you will be more confident and credible, persuasive, dynamic and memorable.

"Having thought I was actually quite good at speaking, this course reiterated key points that have somehow been misplaced over time. The refresher was well worth it and I look forward to my next presentation or speaking engagement."

John Schafer, Datamail

Presentation Masterclass - Quick Facts

One day.

6 participants maximum.

This a reasonably challenging course for experienced and confident, or ready to be confident, speakers.

Yes - your presentation and your coaching sessions are videoed for your later review.

Yes. One complete run-through and again during the coaching session.

Group, trainer and video feedback.

Yes - you get coached in front of the group so you can maximise techniques of relating to the group.

Content Design, PowerPoint, Delivery Skills.

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