One-day Course Outline

Module 1: Design for Results

Many people tell us that it takes them far too long to prepare a presentation and that they struggle to make the presentation interesting and engaging for the audience. So we show them how to:

  • Create a presentation in a very short time
  • Reduce the amount of time they devote to research
  • Easily decide what to include and what to exclude
  • Quickly organise material in a logical order
  • Reduce the need to refer to notes
  • Ensure the content is of interest to the audience
  • Help the audience remember and act on the key message.

We then cover advanced tools for preparing for longer presentations and workshops and more important speeches such as conference presentations:

  • Structuring a presentation for a particular audience
  • How to make a presentation scalable to different time frames
  • How to encourage audience interaction
  • How to persuade people to take action.

Module 2: Presenting with Powerpoint

PowerPoint is an excellent visual aid when properly used. However, the conventional “bullet-point” slides used by many presenters are more an impediment than an aid. We’ve thoroughly investigated the latest research in multimedia learning and integrated that with our knowledge of PowerPoint to give participants a fresh perspective. We cover:

  • When to use a slide and when not
  • How to create slides that clarify and engage
  • Best practice for using images, video and animation
  • Where to find free and legal web resources for enhancing slides
  • Managing without bullets – creating notes for the speaker
  • How to create handouts for the audience.

We then address delivery issues with PowerPoint:

  • How to effectively integrate the spoken message with the slides
  • Common technical disasters and how to avoid them
  • How to use PowerPoint as a secret autocue
  • When and how to turn a slide off
  • Little-known keyboard techniques to enhance the presentation.

Module 3: Strategies for Creating Confidence

Nervousness about speaking in front of a group is a common experience. It can lead people to avoid speaking opportunities and may hold back their career development. A speaker’s confidence is also a key factor in how credible they appear. Tony Burns, our principal consultant, is a psychologist and has post-graduate training in cognitive-behavioural psychology. He has developed this module specifically to help people overcome their nervousness. Participants will:

  • Identify the root causes of their nervousness
  • Reduce the unhelpful pressure they put on themselves
  • Discover how to reduce the nervousness they feel.

Then in our disaster-proofing session,participants will get to practice strategies for coping with difficult presenting situations, such, not being able to answer a question, going blank, or facing a bored audience.

Module 4: Deliver with Impact

Many people lose their natural ability to communicate when they stand in front of a group. They become stiff and unnatural or get panicky and speak too fast. Either way they lose their connection with the audience.

In this module, we coach participants to regain that natural ability to communicate. Each participant presents a segment of the presentation that they designed in the Design Module. We’ll give them immediate feedback about what they’re doing well and coaching to improve their ability to connect and engage with the audience.
The coaching is intended to develop each participant’s natural style. We cover:

  • How to naturally pace a presentation and stop rushing
  • How to create a sense of enthusiasm and commitment
  • How to change the mood and create contrast
  • How to add emphasis to key points
  • How to use notes effectively and maintain credibility.

We use video feedback to allow participants to see for themselves how they come across. A presenter’s own imagination of how they look when presenting is often far worse than the reality and seeing themselves can give them a great confidence boost. We also use video feedback to show participants the impact of changes they have made to their delivery style.