Introduction to Presenting

Who is it for?

This presentation skills course is for you if you are being asked to give presentations but have never had any presentation training. You may never have presented before or have limited experience. This training course is an opportunity to learn and practice a wide variety of presentation techniques and skills so that you come across as competent and feel confident as a presenter.

(If you’re more experienced and less nervous or, if you’re being asked to present regularly, try “Complete Presentation Skills”)

You’ll leave the course with countless tips, ideas and techniques that will make presenting less daunting – in fact, you may even start to enjoy it!

” I put off post-graduate studies because I had to give seminars. As a result of attending your course I’m back at university.”
– IT Manager – Energy Industry

Dates and Location

This course takes place in Wellington and Auckland from 9 am to 5 pm. (Contact us if you’d like us to run the course at your location).

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Venue Details

Venue: The Terrace Conference Centre
Level 3 – St John’s House
114 The Terrace
Course Fee: $ 395+GST

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What will you learn?

There are three fundamental skills a new or nervous speaker needs:

1. Confidence

Feeling nervous about speaking before a group is a common experience. We’ll explore this phenomenon and show you proven, psychology-based strategies for reducing your nervousness. The speaking opportunities during the day start off low-key and easy to build confidence.

You’ll learn:

  • Why you get so nervous about standing in front of a group
  • Ways to calm yourself before you speak
  • How to use your nervousness to make your presentation even better
  • Your specific anxiety triggers and how to manage them.

” I got so much out of this course but to choose one thing to pinpoint is the work we did on nervousness. Being able to put it into perspective and realise it’s OK to be nervous and how to manage it was invaluable.”
– Kellie Nicholson, Test Manager, IAG

2. Designing Content

It can be hard to design a presentation if you’ve never been shown an effective method. You’ll be taught a system that has been tested and proven to produce presentations that are quick and easy to prepare and have you looking like a credible expert.

You’ll learn:

  • How put together a presentation really quickly
  • How to decide what to include and exclude
  • How to organise your material so that it’s easy for the audience to follow
  • How to create material that will hold your audience’s interest.

” Great empowering course providing useful and easy to implement tools for my future presentations. “
– Andy Clifford, Surveillance Engineer, DamWatch

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3. Delivery

Learn the principles of “Conversational Presenting”. This technique allows you to be relaxed and natural, and to feel and look as if you’re chatting to friends – the ideal presentation style. During the course you’ll get to practice presenting to a range of group sizes, depending on the level of challenge you’d like to take on.

And you’ll discover:

  • How to stop talking too fast by using your imagination
  • How to eliminate “ums” and “ahs” – in less than a minute
  • How to make yourself look relaxed – even if you’re not
  • How to get from stiff and distant, to engaging and enthusiastic.

NB: Relax! Because this is an introductory presentation skills course, there is no videoing. (If you want video feedback, try “Complete Presentation Skills”)

“Although (I thought) my presentation didn’t go particularly well, strangely enough I came out feeling more confident because Tony pointed out the strengths that I do have and also gave me ideas to use and ways that I could overcome any difficulties.”
– David Chadwick, Editor/Project Manager, Learning Media

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Comprehensive Workbook

You’ll receive a copy of our 60-page Presentation Skills Workbook “How to design and deliver a presentation with confidence”. The workbook is used throughout the course and is also a valuable reference tool for the future.

And after the course you get…

Advice whenever you need it

Having attended one of our courses, you can ring or e-mail us at any time afterwards for presentation-related advice, whether it’s ideas for a new presentation you”re developing, a review of PowerPoint slides or a confidence boost. This is an ongoing free service.

Presentation Tips Newsletter

Quarterly presentation tips and ideas based on our latest research and discoveries to keep you up-to-date.

Further training opportunities

We run regular Presentation Coaching Clinics for previous course participants. The Clinics provide speaking opportunities, coaching and other presentation-related exercises and activities. You can use the Clinics to refresh, practice and fine-tune the skills you learn when working with us. The Coaching Clinics take place quarterly in central Wellington. The Presentation Coaching Clinic is for Effective Speaking clients only and is not a public course. After attending “Introduction to Presenting” you can attend as often as you wish at no cost.

Numbers Dates and Location

This course is limited to twelve participants and takes place in Wellington from 9 am to 5 pm.

“As a direct result of your workshops my team have a new found confidence and their recent presentations have been more professionally structured. The workshops were practical, enjoyable and effective.”
– Gordon Shaw, past Head of Debt Management, ACC

“Excellent combination of interactive time and humour into the course. Amazingly I didn’t find myself looking at my watch! Will definitely recommend to others.”
– Carolyn Chitty, Policy Analyst, Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry

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Venue: The Terrace Conference Centre
Level 3 – St John’s House
114 The Terrace
Course Fee: $ 800+GST

The fee covers all materials and include refreshments. We may request that full payment is made before you can attend the course. Cancellation fees apply. We reserve the right to cancel the course for any reason. Should the course be cancelled your fee will be promptly repaid in full. This will be the limit of Effective Speaking’s liability.

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