Three reasons:

1. It’s now difficult to find public presentation training courses in New Zealand. They’re tricky to fill so, if you enroll on one you have to hope that others do to – otherwise it will be cancelled and you’ll have to start again. We’ve been running one and two-day public courses for well over a decade and have decided that we don’t want to have to cancel courses – that’s why we’ve created this online version.

2. You can start this course the moment you get approval. So if you’re motivated by the fact that you’ve got a presentation coming up, you don’t have to hunt around finding one that starts soon – and isn’t running on a day or days when you’re not available to attend!

3. This program is absolutely tailored to your individual needs. It doesn’t matter how experienced, confident or skilled you are. You will find this program will work for you at whatever level you are. You won’t be held back by fellow participants who can’t keep up – you won’t be left behind by participants who are more skilled or experienced.