You’re right – Nail that Presentation focuses on preparation and there’s a good reason for that.

As you probably know, nervousness is mostly caused by poor preparation and a fear that the audience won’t like what you’ve prepared. This nervousness then results in poor delivery such as speaking too fast and waffling. So by focusing on effective preparation, you reduce nerves and improve delivery. It’s in preparation that you get the most bang for your buck!

Ironically many people who suffer from presentation nervousness don’t get on with preparing their presentation because the preparation process, reminds them of what’s coming up, and also makes them feel nervous. If you’re in this camp you’ll be glad you signed up because the program breaks the preparation process down into small steps and holds you accountable to move through them.

So you’ll end up with great content that you know thoroughly AND you’ve rehearsed. And that can’t but help reduce your nervousness and enhance your delivery.

And, if you decide that you want specific help with nervousness or delivery or practicing Questions and Answers, we can help with a one-on-one on-line coaching session. This costs $297+GST.