Not with the way we’ve designed this program! We’ve taken all the core benefits of the classroom environment and we’ve integrated them into the process.

The main reason to be in a room with others is so that you can try out the skills you’ve just been taught.

You learn by:

1. giving it a go
2. making mistakes
3. getting feedback, and
4. getting specific help from a coach on how to improve.

All of this happens on Nail that Presentation but it happens with the added advantages of:

1. you can get specific help from the coach before you “give it a go” to the group
2. if you make a mistake, you’ll make it amongst friendly, familiar colleagues who have committed to help you
3. the feedback can take as long as it needs to because there’s no-one else wanting attention
4. your coach can focus on your needs for as long as necessary without holding any one else up.