How to Design a Presentation that Achieves Results

At the beginning of courses, we sometimes ask our participants what they see as their greatest strength as a speaker. 

Most subject-matter experts pick “Content”. That is, they believe that they are able to design a talk that is logical and communicates its message well. 

However a lot of people may have good “Knowledge” but converting that knowledge into understandable presentation “Content” is something that they are not good at doing. A great presenter looks at their knowledge and curates it for their audience – they prioritise, edit and find suitable ways to simplify and illustrate what they mean.

These articles look at how to take your knowledge and present it in a form that works for an audience.

By the way… you’ll notice that we have a lot of articles on Content Design. That’s because we think it’s the most important of the five presentation skills. All the other skills – Delivery, Confidence etc, revolve around what you plan to say to your audience.

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