How to Deliver a Presentation with Impact

You’ve got an important presentation coming up – so you research, plan and prepare. But your delivery is the real moment of truth.

For many people delivery is the most difficult part of presenting. Common faults are:

  • putting the audience to sleep with a boring, monotone voice
  • unnecessary movement and distracting gestures
  • appearing disorganised and unprepared
  • talking too fast for the audience to follow
  • appearing unnatural and artificial.

No presenter tries to be like this but most of us are unaware of the impression that we’re creating and, more importantly, what to do about it.

Our philosophy is that if:

  • you be yourself and
  • focus on your audience
  • internally connect with your content

then you will come across as natural and authentic and your audience will engage with you and remember your message.

These articles look at ways to help you maximise your delivery:

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