Coaching For Your Next Presentation

The Problem

You’ve got an important speaking engagement coming up. It could be a crucial presentation to support your company’s bid for important new business, a conference speech which if done well could win you and your company invaluable publicity. Or maybe at a personal level, you’ve got a presentation coming up which is key to your future career advancement. The stakes are high and you want to make sure that your presentation is the best it can be.

The Solution

Schedule some one-on-one or team coaching sessions with Jane Sheffield. Jane will lead you through a rigorous process for preparing your presentation ensuring that it will be focused on the needs and expectations of your audience and that it is structured to achieve the results you want. Once the presentation is written, schedule rehearsal time with Jane. She will video your presentation and give you intensive coaching so that you can deliver the presentation with maximum impact.

The Benefits

Our presentation skills training can help your organisation deliver winning sales presentations, give high-impact conference presentations, develop and deliver effective internal presentations and can help you overcome the fear of public speaking and develop your confidence, design the structure and content for your next presentation and deliver your presentation in a way that makes you stand out.

See what our previous clients are saying:

“If results are anything to go by, getting Effective Speaking coaching was the best money we spent on this project. The final presentation was polished and received many complimentary comments for its clarity and persuasiveness. Most importantly, we gained desired policy changes from the countries we were attempting to influence.”
– NZ delegation to International Whaling Commission

“I experienced you as totally focused on my needs and completely supportive at all times. You were able to give positive and negative feedback in a number of useful and supportive ways. You never made me feel inadequate at any time, even after my first disastrous run though. Of course, the proof of the pudding is in the eating. I have just received the audience evaluation of my final Wellington presentation. 84% of the responses were excellent or good for content with 95% for presentation being excellent or good.” – Principal Consultant, Conference presentation

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