Author: Olivia Mitchell

Avoid “Speechifying”

Speechifying is what I call it when the speech is delivered in the style of a bad Shakespearian actor – full of oratory but not

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Four PowerPoint Tips

If a picture is worth a thousand words – why don’t presenters use pictures? I recently got to see Icebreaker CEO, Jeremy Moon presenting at

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The Power of Rehearsal

“Everyone loves to win – but how many love to train?” Mark Spitz – 1972 Olympic Gold Medallist Swimmer When I was little, I wanted

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A Matter Of Life And Death?

Greetings fellow presenter…If you’re feeling nervous about giving a talk then you’re in good company. Hundreds of really successful people feel fearful and anxious before

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Avoid The Comparison Trap

The way we communicate is highly sensitive to our emotions and feelings. When we lack confidence in our ability to express ourselves it shows up

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Introduction To REBT

REBT stands for Rational Emotive Behaviour Therapy or Training. It is an active, psychoeducational process, based on the philosophy that our behaviours and emotions are

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